13613482_1752366598311649_4491234782493115401_o.jpgI get asked to talk about all things tech, from hardware development to being a female in tech. Because I run a tech company, several tech communities and events, I have to be on top of the latest things in tech and innovation from cryptocurrencies to drone licensing.

Scroll down to see some of the events I have been involved in. Email me for any questions or bookings.

Data Natives 2017


Python for Everyone!


Women in Tech Panel: What it is like for Women in STEM in SA


#SantamHackathon: IoT Safety Hackathon


Modern Alchemists August 2017 Event


Modern Alchemists July 2017 Event


Women in Tech Cape Town July 2017 Event


SCTalks Youth In AI


When: 28th June 2017

Where: Workshop 17, Dock Road, Waterfront, Cape Town

About: June is Youth Month! If the youth are the future, and technology is (present) and future communication then an Artificial Intelligence themed youth month event makes sense, right?!

This month we partner with SKA (Square Kilometre Array) to bring you an exciting event that will see young people and the young at heart sharing current and new innovation in the AI field.
The Square Kilometer Array is an international radio telescope under development by a consortium of 10 countries with headquarters in Manchester UK and telescope sites in South Africa and Western Australia. The high resolution, sensitivity and survey speed of the SKA will allow for transformational research in astronomy and physics.

South Africa is currently building the Karoo Array Telescope, or MeerKAT, a mid-frequency 64-dish demonstrator radio telescope at the SKA core site in Carnavon. The MeerKAT data size is expected to be ∼ 50 Terabyte for an 1 hour observing run. Significant advances in computing, techniques for signal processing, data analysis and time-series modelling of vast data sets are required to handle this data. The project is investing in machine learning and artificial intelligence software tools to enable the data analysis.

Are you a startup seeking opportunities to get funded, educated or connected? We are looking for startups using artificial intelligence as a core part of their product/s.
If you are interested in pitching, keep your eye on our website, social media pages and newsletter.

The amazing prize up for grabs includes a trip to the SKA facility in the Northern Cape.

Google Cloud Developer event!

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 12.17.59 PM.png

When: 6th June 2017

Where: The White Space, 97 Durham Avenue, Salt River, Cape Town, za

About: Join us for an evening of in depth technical discussion – topics covered will be app maker, managed machine learning services and Demonstrating Vision, Speech, and Natural Language Processing API for Developers. Discussions and demos followed by Q&A, snacks and drinks. MC’d by Robyn Farah.

TechTalkCPT: Big data taking medicine out of its comfort zone


When: Wednesday 5th April 2017

Where: 22Seven, 60 Hout Street, Cape Town

About: Carolina is our speakaer for April’s #TechTalkCPT, she will be talking to us about tracking the performance of medicine in the age of the IOT. Traditionally medicines are trusted after limited clinical trials and are not questioned unless something goes wrong, and demonstrably so. Today, technology enables us to understand the complexities of our environment and ourselves in near real-time. How does that open doors to improving medical care and practices? Medicine is but one of many established industries that is ripe for a fundamental rethink. This talk is an exploration of one aspects of that important part of our lives.


#TechTalkCPT is an event that brings you the bleeding edge of technology and innovation as presented by a specialist in the chosen topic. The topics are made relevant and accessible to as many people as possible. All events are accompanied by drinks and networking, making otherwise daunting topics fun and attainable. The #TechTalk platform gives the public the chance to have a one-on-one experience with a specialist and find out more about intense, interesting and complicated topic that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.



When: Thursday 30th March 2017

Where: Katy’s Palace, 6 Desmond Street, Sandton, Zuid-Afrika, 2090

About: MoCo Johannesburg is where you’ll have the opportunity to exchange ideas and share solutions with like-minded people who are embracing the mobile revolution.You’re welcome on the 30th of March 2017 at 15.30h. The program consists of: three actionable and strategic presentations from high-level speakers and a round table session in between presentations. The round table session is where you can join the discussion with other mobile masterminds. Close the event with an informal drink and play with the latest mobile gadgets! Around 19.00h you’ll go home with new ideas, a larger network and a revitalized brain to make your next step in mobile!

IOT Sessions #02 | NodeMCU


When: Tuesday 28th March 2017

Where: Workshop 17, V&A Waterfront Cape Town


In the second event of our series on IOT, Tristan will go through the basics of networking and using the NodeMCU ESP8266 Wifi board.

What will be covered:
1) What is NodeMCU
2) Lua & quick example of what the language and code looks like
3) Firmware: Building & Flashing
4) Uploading Code
5) Example: Walkthrough of writing small app on NodeMCU and connecting to NodeRED on the RaspberryPi
6) Q&A’s

Two ticket options are available, one includes something to eat and drink, and another comes with a brand new NodeMCU ESP8266 Wifi board to play with and take home on the day.

If you have a RaspberryPi, bring it along for the NodeRED example. You are also welcome to bring your own NodeMCU, or any other project you’re working on to show and discuss with the community.

Tickets here: https://www.quicket.co.za/events/27265-iot-sessions-02-networking-nodemcu/#/

Girl Geek Dinner


When: Monday March 13th 2017

Where: Atlantic Imbizo Conference and Function Studio

About: We’ve secured two amazing speakers for our next event taking place in March. R240 for a 3 course dinner, welcome drinks, coffee and a fabulous goodie bag.

Moyin Oloruntoba
Moyin Oloruntoba is a Cape Town-based, Nigerian born entrepreneur, presenter, digital influencer, and content creator. Named Rising Star 2016 by FAIRLADY Magazine, Oloruntoba – a marketing graduate – is the founder and host of The A1; a youth culture and entertainment YouTube channel focusing on African celebrity news and pop culture that has reached over 1Million views in just over a year.

Robyn Farah
Robyn is passionate about pushing hardware and tech growth to better Africa. A few ways she has achieved this so far is by starting KATO, a company which focuses on product development to solve real world problems in order to create a better world. She founded and run some of the most influence tech events and communities in South Africa which create exposure to and connect people who are pushing the boundaries of tech, as well as bridging the gender gap.

WomenInTechCPT: Electric Love

When: Monday 13th February 2017

Where: Honey Badger, 91 Loop Street, Cape Town

16195269_1837536506461324_1109052124658451257_n (1).jpg


#TechTalkCPTEmerging Technologies & The Future of Marketing

When: Wednesday 8th February 2017

Where: 22Seven, 60 Hout Street, Cape Town



UN Wolrd Data Forum

When: Tuesday 17th February 2017 12:45

Where: Cape Town Internation Convention Centre



When: Wednesday 18th February 2017 12:00

Where: ZOONA, Cape Town