Public Speaking

Robyn Farah gets asked to talk all over the world about all things tech, from hardware development to being a female in technology.

Since her job entails her to stay on top of the latest innovation from blockchain to CRISPR, she is able to talk about a diverse range of technical topics.

Email her manager for any questions or bookings.

Robyn is able to discuss the below topics:

  • The gender gap in tech: Being a woman in tech in SA;
  • Unique challenges South African women face when entering tech, particularly in their younger, and how this compares to Europe and the US;
  • Tech community landscape in South Africa;
  • Women in Tech community case study: how this platform has improved women participation;
  • Solutions to improve gender diversity in the local tech industry;
  • The lack of data on Women in STEM in South Africa and why this is a problem;
  • Hardware ecosystem in South African: Why Hardware development and understanding technology is so important to the growth of developing nations.