BrainGym: A place to exercise your brain while developing tech skills for the future!

I have been up to some exciting stuff that is keeping me very busy. I am launching emerging technology courses in Europe, starting with Lisbon and Paris. (See current courses here: If these go well KATO will setup shop in these cities and run regular courses as well as spread to London, Berlin and Amsterdam.

I am calling it #BrainGym, because I have always dreamt of having a place that I can go to daily to learn. Much like popping into the gym for a daily 1 hour workout, but these workouts will be mental and be up skilling me to be ahead of the game.

The courses are classroom based, because if you have tried to learn subjects like backend programming or electronics by yourself, it can be very challenging and off putting.

The topics/courses will cover the skills you need to develop IoT devices: electronics, sensors, data collection, data analysis, product development, blockchain, solving problems and more. Basically, attending all of the BrainGym workshops will give you the ability to solve real problems, or meet the people who can help you develop a solution. In gym terms, the functional training (a.k.a Crossfit) of the learning world.

Please do reach out to me at if you have suggestions, be it things that you would like to see, potential people/companies you believe I should be working with, etc.

Thank you

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