Seeking Sponsorship for our South African based Tech Communities


Over the past five years, I have driven several successful tech communities and events, all of which have reached a stage of growth that requires more than just myself and a part-time committee to run them. For more, view these pictures, videos and events.

Each of these initiatives have succeeded in fulfilling numerous exciting achievements. One such achievement is the sharing of tech knowledge and skills with as many people as possible while also bridging the gender and class gap — not only in Cape Town, but also internationally.

In order to see continuous growth and have an even larger impact on the world around us, we need to expand.

Our vision includes setting up a dedicated office and hiring a full-time team of staff who will execute on the following:

  • Mentoring programmes
  • Tech courses and events
  • Hackathons to solve real world problems
  • A space that has an in-house support system for the tech community and for those interested in entering the tech industry
  • The perfect place to go to expand your tech skills and network
  • A safe place to get advice, network, grow your start-up, expand your tech skills and learn product development skills.
  • A connection platform for the public, educators, investors, employees and employers
  • The go-to place for employers to find their perfect employee

What the initiatives are:

Although each initiative varies our over all aims are:

  • To encourage gender equality and diversity in tech
  • To inspire and guide the community in developing new technology products or startups that solve local and global problems
  • To educate the public in hardware and new tech
  • To have the best support and mentoring system for anyone who is in or interested in the tech sector

And so much more.

Please contact me ( if you are interested, if you know anyone who would be, or if you would just like to know more.

In the meantime, here is a teaser video from one of our past events .

Thank you,


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